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The mid-term elections are around the corner and both parties are posturing through 30-second TV ads across the country. The outcome of these elections—both at the federal and state level—will have a significant impact on the industry. And like the many politicians running for office, our industry must prepare for...

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Alternative Financing: An Economic Weathervane

Rapid Finance Chairman Jeremy Brown gives insight into the state—and the fate—of U.S. small business We’ve all heard analyst predictions about the fate of the economy—stagflation, recession, you name it. What if Main Street told a different story? Jeremy Brown, Executive Chairman of Rapid Finance and Chairman of the Small...

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Creating a Successful Post-Pandemic Corporate Culture

Meet Forward Financing, a Boston company that has culture on lock. “It’s a huge miss for companies that just do things the way they’ve always done them and don’t adapt.” – Shannon Braley Meet Shannon Braley, VP of People at Boston small business funding company Forward Financing. With a whole...

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Alternative Finance Roundtable: Disclosure, the Economy, and Brokers

Alternative Finance Roundtable is a monthly discussion with leaders from the industry taking on current topics in the alternative lending space. This month features: Jesse Carlson, General Counsel, Kapitus Heather Francis, CEO, Elevate Funding James Webster, CEO, Rok Financial Obviously, the elephant in the room is the new disclosure laws...

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